[Wednesday, August 8, 2018] Here it starts

I couldn’t think of a better title, this one seems so mainstream… Maybe I’m in a mainstream mood today? It may not, I had some good research ideas. I suppose. Anyway, it’s not the point here. So let’s be mainstream for the title for once!

Today is one of those strange days, where some things worked better than expected, and others worse. I really want to move on another experiment, a new one that I thought of for some times already. And I also discovered that it can help me to overcome the limitations of the one I just finished! Isn’t that fantastic? I have to admit it made me be in a great mood today!

Well well well… Still a lot of details to deal with. It might be okay, but we all know! The devil is in the detail. So if I can cope with it, let’s say, by the end of the week, that would be great! Well well well… I also had some pressure by my job today. Some things worked perfectly, and it relieved me in some ways, because I thought I made it very bad. Not that bad apparently! But other stuffs have been delayed ALSO to the end of the week, due to administrative complications…

I suddenly realize a better title for this post: Little Grey Clouds out of a Great Blue Sky. THAT would be a little less mainstream!

I wish I could write more specifically, not so vague and blurred… I must take the time to get use to an online diary!

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