[Thursday, August 9, 2018] Relax, Take It Easy!

Today has been what I call my “relaxing days”. It’s one of these days for them I planned not to do anything related to my research, such as meeting old friends or relatives who tried to contact me for months (without success, it goes without saying!). And this is how my day went, by doing nothing.

Ok, that was my original plan. Who knows why, my brain were still digesting all the thoughts I had these days. In fact, that’s what I love the must during my relaxing days, it’s that I let my brain make the work alone. It’s like it has to reorder everything, to recreate the big picture and to relate the whole to other thoughts. Let’s spread the mix to the world now!

I’m a PhD student in linguistics and neurolingusitics. Briefly, it means that I love investigating words, sentences, how people speak. I also love to know how all these sentences and informations are processed in the brain.

Clearly, it means that my everyday life (mostly) goes like this:

How Linguistics PhD Students See the World

The next question is: How can I investigate what the underlying structure of this sentence is? THAT’s the big deal. My favorite way to do so is to find a sentence in which the element I’m researching on can’t fit. Simply, you can’t say I want to pasta, and then you have to find reasons (because pasta is a noun, and here you need a verb). Some people call it violation, some others call it aggreement.

I like to see it as a relationship between the elements in a sentence. Just like when you meet someone for the first time, you can have different options. You may know at first sight that you will like or hate this people, or you may have no opinion. Then, the more you get in touch, the more this relationship can change. It might still be fine, like in the beginning. You may have hated this person at the beginning, and finally think that it can still work. You may also have slowly hated this person.

Ok, that was really unclear and kind of weird. But I don’t know, it was so straightforward in my head this afternoon. I know! I will try to make it graphical and visual the next time!

Oh, and my R software just shot down, and I have to reinstall everything.

I should definitively have relaxed and not been doing anything today, and follow the original plan.

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