[Friday, August 10, 2018] After the rain, Comes the sun

Let’s sum up the little mess from yesterday. The software R (a software for statistical computations and graphics) just crashed down on my computer. For some reasons, it decided to remove all the packages I installed before. You think this is cruel? Sit down and read! The story isn’t over!

I restarted R today, and I discovered that my R library still had a lot of packages. Alright, the problem is over, I thought. Well well well… R can be more cruel than you think. When I called the packages I needed to run a script, it suddenly said that some functions were missing, and because of this, this very package had to be removed.

Not only R removed my packages, but it did it one after one.

Not only R removed my packages one after one, but it did it when I called them, that’s to say WHEN I NEEDED IT!!!


I fought back. I said sayonara to R. I uninstalled it. Then I said bonjour to a new version. And this new version was nicer to me. It’s still very nice to me. Problem resolved.

I just sighed with relief. I clearly can’t conceive my life without ggplot2 and lmerTest!!!

You know what? Good news never come alone, and I finally (with the help of other members of the lab, many many thanks to you who will never read this post!) could think of a sentence I tried to create for some days… Do you remember this drawing?

How Linguistics PhD Students See the World

Yeah, THIS is my everyday life, and I proved it today!

Good news came as a band. I could reorder the material of a previous experiment (ok, the only one I really made until I had almost nothing to say about anymore), and create a pretest for the next one. Time just went by until 6:30 pm, and I was so exciting with too many good news that I missed lunch time.

Summary: It is so good to have the feeling to move on and not to stick on the same experiment for days and weeks and months!

Mood of today: What a day! (or as Hillary would have said: What a night!)


Let’s go on a weekend of rest and nothing to do linked with my research! (ok, I will still check and answer to my emails)

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