[Monday, August 13, 2018] Sunday grey, Monday blue

It’s been a weekend off. It’s also been a weekend off for the sun. Raining, raining, raining. Chilling, chilling, chilling. And I somehow finally took the time to watch Meryl Streep’s movies I’ve wanted to watch for months, and to nurrish myself normally. Yeah, a normal weekend for ordinary people, but surely not for a PhD student. It’s summer vacation after all!

Sunday is grey, Monday is blue. I had to wake up at 7 AM today, it’s 8 PM, I’m still at the lab. BUT! I received my advisor’s expertise on my analysis of the brainwaves of my previous experiment… It’s going well!

Of course there are also some remarks, and I have to redo an analysis for ALL the subjects (please remark that I used “redo an analysis”, and not “reanalyze”, this is definitively more positive). I know that deep inside myself I’m proud of these results, but my need to sleep and the perspective of the new analysis make this feeling hibernate in the depth of my brain.

Anyway! I just have to finish the subject I’m redoing the analysis (6 out of 21, will I finish tomorrow?), and it will be a whole evening of feast for my stomach and my brain… I know that my feeling of pride will wake up when it smells sugar and junk food!

Sunday grey, Monday blue, Tuesday green (of hope)? Tomorrow, wake up earlier! The early birds catched the worm!


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