[Saturday, August 18] Cheer up!

It’s like I finished the last post with a depressed mood. But just by seeing the title of this post, it sounds like a depressed mood with hope. It’s just that I have no idea how to improve it!

Change was coming, change came. Now I think that being involved in a Ph.D program is equal to become a professional researcher. By professional, I don’t only mean an expert in a specific field. But someone who has acquired professional habits that a researcher must have.

Let’s be concrete. I read a lot of posts and testimonials from Ph.D candidates and professors saying that they aim to write everyday, at least two hours. I was always wondering what they could write about. And I had this e-mail from my co-advisor, and I realized it. You must have a writing habit, not only about the idea you have, but also about the articles/books you read. Write, write, write, and you’ll improve. Write, write, write, be always busy, and you won’t have crazy unapplicable ideas. Write, write, write, and your ideas will be formed. And you’ll have a good research routine. It sounds so cool!


Let’s café, and cheer up! That’s how my days have been going. Now I have my writing schedule, my writing routine. It’s tiring, but in the same time I feel so lucky. I can do what I like to do, and I have two advisors pushing me to be even better day after day. It’s like I only have one thing to care about, to get better in the field that I like the most. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So I will have to change a little bit the initial deal of my Ph.D. I must add the category of writing summaries of articles. In fact, I already made one, and another one is currently in the process of being written (what a complicated sentence!).

I also discussed today with my co-advisor about this schedule, that sound good to her. With this little comment, that I’ll keep in mind as well as I will keep my schedule in mind:

Relax, and enjoy!

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