[Wednesday, August 29] It’s been a while!

How come, how come I haven’t written here for days! The “here” has to be underlined, I promise I have been writing, all my days turned around writing these days.

Let’s recap a bit. My advisor fave me an advice (does is sound redundant?), to redo everything. So, I picked up the most classical papers and books of my two fields, time in language and neurolinguistics. The new deal is: I read the book and articles, I write the summary within three days, I sent it to my advisor who tells me if I’m wrong somewhere, or not clear enough, or if I missed an important point. That leads to great pressure, with great discussion and even greater outcomes. BECAUSE! It means that while I’m writing the summaries, I’m also writing my PhD dissertation!

Let’s talk about this topic, writing the dissertation. And let’s post a picture as a transition

I would never have thought that I would begin to write my dissertation so early, and I think I was wrong. I thought that I should wait to be even more expert in my fields, that I would need to read more. How to know that I know if I don’t write? Then, I got used to write everyday, to fix my thoughts and my readings. Readings are written and fixed, the dissertation begins to grow up with classics that I have to face, and once the classics are done, I can focus ENTIRELY on other studies!

As my other advisor says, the big picture is coming, and a story with good narratives and bases is beginning.

Let’s keep up! 🙂

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