[Tuesday, September 18] One month has gone, and what a month!

It is crazy to see how time goes fast. It’s like summertime and all the funny distractions from the sun, wonderful beaches of the East cost suddenly left, leaving the lab and the daily bentô behind, and of course, a pile of books and articles to read and summarize.

What a life! Sometimes I’m wondering why I love doing this. Not that I doubt of my motivation to complete this PhD. But it can be so hard and time-consuming. How come can I still like it? Maybe (happy) PhD students must be crazy in a way.

I had a lot of news recently. I will present the results of my ERP experiment at an international conference on October, it’s so motivating and frightening at the same time! Seminars on statistics and neurolinguistic methods also began last week. I must admit that it is a lot of word all of a sudden, with weekly presentations to prepare for the neuroluinguistic seminar (oh no, I just began the one for Thursday!).


This month has also be full of writings. More exactly, it has been within a month. I’m almost done with the book I am summarizing (oh Comrie, you’ve been like a new friend these two weeks!), and for now, it’s a total of 89 pages of  literature review that have been written! It’s a strange feeling, mixed with some touches of pride, and at a same time the feeling that I mustn’t rest on my laurels! But it’s good to feel that I’m moving forward. Last Friday I received a message from my advisor, congratulating me for my last summaries that didn’t need anything!

Oh yeah, it has also been a month full of coffee, my old best friend!

Along with the start of school, it has also been the resurrection of my planner, which went on summer vacation. Last year, I had a funny habit on Sunday evening. I sat at my desk, thinking of my goals for the upcoming week, and I wrote them on the planner, so that I could check the next Sunday whether I achieved them or not. I had a new (healthy) habit since this blog, which is that I often wander on other PhD students’ blog (it’s so grateful to see that we are not alone!). One of my favourite is the one of Katie K, which is so refreshing. As I read her blog, I also discovered that I wasn’t the only one to set weekly goals! So here’s my new habit from now: Sharing my weekly goals to the world! Let’s do it!

Goals of the week

1. Finish the reading of Comrie
2. Begin and finish the summary of Comrie
3. Prepare as well as I can the presentation of the neurolinguistic seminar
4. Begin the reading of a new article (ideal goal)


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