[Tuesday, September 25] Have a break, go on a trip

It has been a tiring week, especially on Thursday. The day before, I had to prepare my presentation for the neurolinguistics seminar, and to make it as detailed as possible. This seminar lasts for 3 hours, and we are only two officialy registered students. Then, each of us has to present for one to one and a half our! I also had social obligations on Wednesday evening, and onWednesday afternoon, undergraduate students came to the lab to ask me some questions… I didn’t have a lot of time to finish my presentation, that went very well!

I was so tired after this presentation, but I had to go to another university for noon at the other side of the city to listen to another presentation. I thought I could relax once there, but guess who was also attending this presentation? My co-advisor! It was so stressful. To add some drama, because I had been so busy the days before, I completely forgot to reply to her email… But it was ok, we could discuss about this. And more importantly, I had her benediction to relax four days, and go on a trip in the South of Taiwan! “No computer, no writing, just breath and relax!” Does she know how much I loved here at this moment? My other co-advisor also forced me to relax these days, as it was the Mid-Autumn festival in Taiwan.

So here comes the main point of this post! I finally had the chance to go to Tainan, a city I’ve never been before. Everything was so perfect, the people so nice, with a lot of activities to do, a lot of things to eat, only sunshine with rain only in the night, and above all, the possibility to sleep more than 7 hours everyday. I’m already missing this place!

So today, no “goals of the week” recap, I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m back to writing now, and while I tend to finish the summary of Comrie’s book, I offer you some of my pictures of my trip in Tainan!


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