[Sunday, September 30] Nothing went as planned, and it was not so bad

This week can be summarized in one sentence: Nothing went as planned. But it has been a great week though.

I wanted to go back to the lab on Tuesday, after the short trip to the South of Taiwan. But I was too tired, I had to stay at home. I have to confess that I hate working at home, to me it must stay a pleasant place, where I can cut off from work at the lab (generally, Sunday is the only exception to this rule). There are so many distractions, I can hardly concentrate.

But it was good to keep doing academic stuff without pressure. It has not been like nothing had been done this day! And on Wednesday, back to the lab for a whole day of deep work! I could prepare my presentation for the neurolinguistics seminar. This week, I had to propose the design of an experiment to run this semester. It has been approved by my advisor, so it’s great!

There are still some little things to confirm before beginning the experiment… In other words, my advisor asked me to run a pilot test for this Thursday. The pressure is back! It’s fine. As long as I’m moving forward, I know everything will be fine! A proof for that? I finally finished to summarize the whole book of Comrie about aspect, and my co-advisor approved everything with only minor revisions! I can finally focus on other authors!

This week has also be intellectualy very rich, with two talks to attend. One was about war metaphors in political discourse. It’s very far from my domain, but I had a great time listening to the speaker! On Friday morning, it has been another completely different talk, focusing on perdurant and endurant properties of the verbs in Mandarin Chinese. A complete different style, but so informative! I could have a conversation at the end of the talk with the speaker, he was very patient and nice to answer my questions personnaly. It inspired me a lot, and I think I got some answers to theoretical questions to some points in my dissertation!


Goals of the week

1. Finish the reading of the article of Dowty
2. Write the summary of the article of Dowty
3. Design the pilot test, Prepare the coding of the experiment on Ibex Farm, Run the experiment
4. Analyze the results of the pilot test
5. Read one or two chapters of Steven Luck’s book (ideal goal), Begin the reading of another theoretical article (mission impossible, but who knows?)


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