[Monday, October 08] A week full of work

October has come, and the weather is finally getting colder here (well, 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, which may be seen as a pretty good temperature in my hometown!).

This week has been kind of contrasted. It took me much more time that I thought to set up the pilot test for my upcoming experiment. I work in a kind of artisanal way when it comes to experiments. I could have done it easily, using softwares in which you just have to enter the date. But I don’t really like it, I don’t have the feeling to learn anything. What’s more, these softwares are generally not free (and expensive!), which means that if I work in another lab in the future, or if the software must be updated to another version for other reasons… you know what I mean!

Instead, I prefer using free and open source ways to create my experiment. My favorite is the one that my Master thesis advisor introduced to me, IbexFarm. With this site, it is possible to design and run an experiment online! But one of the big challenge with IbexFarm is that you have to learn how to code to run it… And it was exactly this point that I found painful when I was in Master degree! But now I found it kind of funny!

Well, let’s go back to this week. After 3 years using IbexFarm, I am kind of used to it when it comes to “traditional” experiments. But for this pilot test, it’s another method that I had to apply, that is not present in the core codes… But after hours of Internet searchs and discussions, it finally worked, and I could present the first results at my neurolinguistic seminar! But at the same time, we found that this protocol has been biased… So I have to do another one for this Thursday, oh yeah!

In fact, I’m kind of happy for this part. I realized that I could have done an almost complete presentation and pilot test from A to Z in one week. BUT! The bad thing is that I almost didn’t have any time to write the summary of the article I was reading, and I feel bad about it. In another way, when I’m just focusing of writing the summaries of theoretical papers, I also feel that I’m just accomplishing the half of the work, since I’m also focusing on experimental stuff. I really prefer more balanced weeks, when I can both write and go ahead in experiments or analyses.

I don’t know if the writing part has been bad this week because of my focus on the pilot test, or whether it is due to the difficulty to the paper I chose. It talks about things that I’m familiar with, but at the same time the theoretical background is clearly different from what I learned before, and it’s a quite long paper. Anyway, I have to finish it this week!

This week will be terrible. I have to present a previous experiment I’ve done at a conference in less than two weeks, and I have a mock presentation this Friday… I prepared a little bit, but it’s still not complete! What’s more, I have a meeting tomorrow with my two advisors, and I don’t know why, it stresses me a lot. Well, let’s see how it will go! Oh yeah, and the new pilot test, I still have to extract the results and to analyze them!

Well, let’s post the picture of a temple in Tainan, a temple dedicated to success in studying! I will need it this week!


Goals of the week

1. Finish the reading and the summary of Dowty (1979)
2. Extract the results of the pilot test, analyze the result and presentation at the seminar
3. Prepare my presentation for the conference
4. Relax and relax for the meeting with my advisors!


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