[Sunday, January 13] It’s the end, finally!

Let’s go back to a more common blog post after the last one!

This semester has been intense, with a lot of work and a lot of improvement. Last Thursday, I had my final presentation at the neurolinguistics seminar. It was a special challenge for me, since my co-advisor was also here. It was an opportunity for me to present to her what I had been working on Fri months, and also an opportunity for my main advisor to recap in a condense format what we had been talking about the whole semester.

I think the most challenging part was that I had to explain both theoretical and experimental considerations, in a 30-minute presentation. I was afraid of not being clear enough. Let’s say that finally, I could have done better, but overall, the presentation went well! My main advisor understood better the big picture of my research, and my co-advisor had a better view of what I was doing. The same day, I could discuss with both of my advisors separately, and the discussion was very positive! The funniest part is that they had the exact same advice to go further in my PhD, and I know they couldn’t have discussed together. I had the confirmation I chose the right advisors!

I also had the final of this semester this Friday, an exam of statistics. I didn’t have a great amount of time to prepare it, so I’ve been quite stressed about it. It seems to have worked well to me, let’s see the results next week!

After the discussion with my advisors, it seems that this next semester will also be intense, still in a positive way. I know I have to be prepared, both mentally and physically. That’s why I suddenly decided, after my exam this Friday, to fly to Okinawa for a long weekend! I’m currently writing this post from Okinawa, I almost forgot how important it was to relax, and to be aware that there is a whole world outside the lab. I hope this will help me to have a realistic view of what I’m doing.

Today, I’ve been to the Confucius temple, where we can have a kind of oracle paper by chance. I tried it, as you can see in the picture, and I oriented my question to an academic one. The answer was that I was gonna be lucky, and even if “the process will be tough, I will see the light at the end of the tunnel”. Let’s hope this is true!

Next post: Review of a few days in Okinawa!

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