Since I entered university in my first undergraduate year, I always thought that I would follow the classic academic way: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate. And this is what I did! But I never thought I would do it this way.

I am a French PhD student in Taiwan. My dissertation focuses on relationships between brain and language, or how our brain processes the language that we are used to hear everyday. I discovered the area of neurolinguistics very lately, mostly because (or thanks!) to my principal advisor. I have been fascinating by neurolinguistics since I attended her class more than two years ago, so I have decided, after weeks of reflexion, to come to Taiwan to go for a PhD with her!

The best way to introduce myself is the featured picture of this page. I truly think that it represents me at its best. I took this picture at Caffe Brain, a coffee shop in Taipei. It’s easy to understand why I loved the name of this café, since like a lot of PhD students, I’m a coffeeholic. It’s also a really good independant coffee shop, if you have the occasion to go there, don’t hesitate!

I love walking in or outside the city, and taking pictures of unimportant details, so you will generally find pictures with my daily blogs that I took myself. I’m always out with my Sony a5100, you never know what you’ll see at the next corner! This picture has been taken by this camera. The camera on the picture is one of my relatives who came to see me in Taiwan. I love hanging out with friends, sharing stories, and mostly my PhD stories with them. It always motivates me to pursue this PhD journey while sharing this uncomparable experience. Maybe it’s the main reason for which I started blogging. By sharing, we get to know that we’re never alone!